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    Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is the global leader in storage and information management services. Iron Mountain is committed to storing, managing and transforming what our customers value most, from paper records to data to priceless works of art and culture. Providing a full suite of solutions – records and information management, data management, digital solutions, data centers and secure destruction – Iron Mountain enables organizations to lower storage costs, comply with regulations, recover from disaster, and protect their data and assets from a complex world. Visit the company website at www.ironmountain.com for more information.
    Iron Mountain enables 94% of the Fortune 1000 to smartly and securely manage their physical and digital information assets. With unmatched innovation and collaboration, our teams create information management solutions for our customers’ data, no matter what format, location or lifecycle stage it’s in and no matter where it’s kept. We are more than 17,000 people strong and growing. We’ve been a trusted records management leader since 1951.
    Iron Mountain is an equal opportunity employer, and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity characteristics or expression, disability, medical condition, U.S. Military or veteran status or other legally protected classifications in making employment decisions.



    The uniformed and armed Security Officer is responsible for providing specific direction to others with regard to compliance with rules and regulations of the facility, particularly with regard to the entry and exit procedures.

    • Control and monitor daily entry and exit of individuals and vehicles into and out of the Underground facility addressing both safety and security concerns.  Prevent unauthorized individuals and/or vehicles from entering the facility.  
    • Conducts vehicle and personal property searches and operates both x-ray equipment and magnetometers to identify and restrict the entry of prohibited items in accordance with established policies.  
    • Monitor security and fire alarm system as well as designated CCTV covered assets and respond to alarms and/or potential security breaches in accordance with established procedures.  
    • Conduct routine visual inspection of key assets and locations within the underground through scheduled roving patrols, both inside and on the outside perimeter of the facility.  
    • Assist tenants and visitors as needed with safety and security issues and concerns as well as with directions and general guidance regarding facility locations.  
    • Obtain and regularly update training related to proper operation of facility fire and safety equipment including facility fire truck and tanker trucks. 
    • Appropriately document any significant security and safety incidents and complete shift change reports in accordance with established procedures.


    • Position requires the need to provide specific direction to others with regard to compliance with rules and regulations of the facility, particularly with regard to the entry and exit procedures.  The position also requires the ability to take charge and provide clear direction to all visitors and clients employees in the event of a safety or security related situation (i.e. fire or emergency evacuation). 
    • The ability to quickly and effectively assess and resolve situations which may present a threat to the safety or security of anyone within the Underground facility is paramount. As an armed officer, quick situational assessments and decisions regarding the need to employ force and the level of force necessary, must be made and implemented according to established policies and procedures.  
    • The Underground facility at Boyers stores vital records and protects critical assets for both government agencies and private business.  Iron Mountain must take proper precautions to ensure that these records and customer critical assets are protected from any malicious act including destruction, compromise or theft.  Iron Mountain must also provide a safe environment for all of the facility customers. The Security Officer’s role is critical in providing for both the daily safety of customer employees and the daily security of company assets.  Any safety or security issues which are not properly and quickly addressed will have a negative impact on both Iron Mountain and customer operations.  
    • The uniformed and armed Security Officer may be one of the first Iron Mountain employees many external customers and underground tenants encounter.  The demeanor, appearance and professional attitude that the Security Officer displays with customers, clients or visitors will significantly impact their initial impression of Iron Mountain.  Strict adherence to the security and safety policies by these Officers will help establish and maintain a safe and secure working environment for customers and their employees and reinforce Iron Mountain’s commitment to both security and total customer satisfaction.     
    • Security Officers have daily interaction with all individuals who enter the Underground facility, including customer employees, visitors and clients. The Security Officer must maintain a professional demeanor and interact with these individuals in a polite yet direct manner, providing clear instructions and alleviating any confusion regarding policies and procedures. The responsibilities of the Security Officer position inherently require daily face to face dialogue with a wide variety of individuals and personalities ranging from entry level customer employees to corporate executives and occasionally high level government officials.   
    • The Security Officer position requires an average to above average level of physical fitness.  As an armed position, the Security Officer has to be confident in his/her ability to carry a weapon for an entire shift, train in the use of different weapons and have the physical strength to retain a weapon in the event of a physical altercation. The Security Officer must have the physical and mental capability to become involved in a physical altercation if necessary to prevent an assault, disrupt a fight, handle a disruptive or combative employee or prevent an unauthorized entry. The position requires a great deal of time standing and moving from position to position. 
    • Valid Pennsylvania State Driver’s License. 
    • Current Pennsylvania Act 235 certification. 
    • Education/Experience:  High school education preferred / 2 to 4 years preferred.

    Compliance Obligations:


    It is the responsibility of every Iron Mountain employee:

    • to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and company policies
    • to exhibit ethical behavior in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct 
    • to complete required training within the allotted time frame